Saturday, June 10, 2017

Winner: Gent Troll wins the coveted Prix du Vlan!

Voici le palmarès 2017 de l'exposition Trolls & Bestioles :

- Prix du Public : Arnaud Stouffs
- Prix du MAF : Laurent Carpentier
- Prix du Vlan : Genevieve Shapiro
- Prix Charles Picqué : Dawamesk
- Prix Francophones Bruxelles : Lenya
- Prix de la Région Bruxelles-Capitale : Ceo

Wooden Mannequin

in a world filled with wooden  mannequins, a drawing model would look like a human.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Gentoons on Belgian TV

my Gent Canal Troll was born in March, and already he's on tv....
here a belgian witch interviews a steampunk professor about the exhibit:

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

“Freedom of Expression” 2017!

 Gentoons is participating in the International  “Freedom of Expression” exhibition sponsored by The Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery and tOOns MaG /Arifur Rahman.

1. The Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery (Avistegnernes Hus), 22nd of April at 14:00 till 21st of May 2017.
Per Edgard Kokkvold, Writer, and Chairman of the Norwegian Broadcasting Council. Former newspaper editor, secretary general of the Norwegian Press Association and leader of the Press Complaints Commission will be inaugurating the exhibition at 14.00 PM on 22nd April.

2. The Norwegian Festival of Literature in Lillehammer at Elephant Kunsthall, 31st of May at 15:00 till 4th of June 2017.
Moddi Knutsen, Norwegian musician will be inaugurating the exhibition and Roar Hagen, Norwegian political cartoonist will be announcing the name of award winner cartoonists at 15:00 PM on 31st May.

3. Indian institute of cartoonists, Bangalore, India, 29th April to 20th May 2017. 
Dr. Sathyabhama Badhreenath, Director of National Gallery of Modern Art will be inaugurating the exhibition at 11.30 AM on 29th April.

4. Kýchanie mozgu - Brain Sneezing, Prešov, Slovakia

Monday, April 24, 2017

Trolls & Creepy-crawlies, 2017 Brussels

May 1 - June 1, 2017, the Museum of Fantastic Art (MAF) in Brussels is hosting an exhibition of trolls and creepy-crawlies, and it will include art by Gentoons (yep, that's me). Drop by to pick up a poster or a postcard featuring something wierd or spooky or just plain fantastic...or just come to see the hideous mermaid mummy (she's also sort of cute) or to poke around in the Room of 1000 Drawers (as in desk drawers, not underwear),  have your photo taken with a steampunk robot or examine a science experiment gone horribly wrong -- you never know what you'll find at the MAF!

Opening day Monday May 1, 11am-5pm - artists will be there
open through May every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, 2-5pm

Gentoons will be featured in the espo Trolls and Creepy-Crawlies at the Museum of Fantastic Art in Brussels