Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Book Cover: Feral Imagination

Cover art for a collection of short stories by Willin D. Fenster


Sunday, November 13, 2022

"Glow" 18

single page of graphic novel shows vilnius underwater, heavy rain, rising floods, people using a dresser as a boat, the belltower reflecting off the lake of floodwaters, and our protagonist slogging through rain and mud and floods, thinking about the glowing object she found and lost.  ends with a birds-eye view long shot of vilnius under a direct rainshower, everything is blurred and pastel colored, and the river gleams silver as it courses through the forest and town.
page 18 of Glow

 "Glow" - page 18 of a 24-page graphic story.

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Cover Art for Short Story Anthologies

 Every year we publish an anthology of short stories by readers at the newssite fark.com.  I help edit it, and I do the artwork as well. Here is some of my favorite work from over the last 5 years.

Steamboat/Riverboat Casino theme for 2019

an element from every story in the anthology is shown being dragged into the wormhole - holy smokes, we had a story about a virus the very year before Covid 19 broke out!  should we feel guilty?

Mystery - woodcut style illustration of Magyck the goat dressed as a victorian detective, smoking a pipe,  standing beneath a tall streetlamp, walking stick in his other hand.
each year the antho is divided into 4 genres. Majyck the goat, a character in one of our first stories (by Brian Bander)  has become our unofficial mascot.  This year we opted for woodcut-style illustrations. here he is as a victorian detective, for our Mystery genre.

Magyck the goat as woodcut illustration of a dancing skeleton
Magyck the goat as woodcut illustration of a dancing skeleton for the Horror genre

magyck the goat as a medieval woodcut of a sea monster
magyck the goat as a medieval woodcut of a sea monster for the Fantasy tab

Magyck the goat crossed with a chicken eating a banana - obviously for the comedy section!

The squirrel is our other mascot. better not to ask.  But he has a penchant for sitting on slatted chairs.

yup. you're gonna need help pretty soon, squirrel.  this is from 2021, the year we all stayed home (if we were very lucky) and read books while death stalked the streets.

2020. the year the Plague hit.  Our sympathies to those who lost loved ones.

Majik makes us feel better, even when eating priceless antique manuscripts.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

The Little Prince and the Queen

a small ripoff of the great Antoine de Saint Exupery. Just a gift for some friends:  a couple whose travel photos included one picture of him as a long-haired youth wandering the sere lands of central Asia. happy and burned, and lots of photos of her sitting at a table alone smiling at some exotic breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, snack. Presumably he joined her after taking the photo.