an author tells his television: "come on, give me some inspiration for my novel!" while outside the sun sets in streaming splendor, a crane passes a waterfall, and life happens

Plumber finds the world's biggest hairball in Rapunzel's shower drain.

"Not that any of you care, but i was up until 2 am preparing today's exam on the Martyr Complex."

My favorite time of year: when we honor all the award winners, and everyone feels resentful.

most people are absent from today's session.

one monster to another, as boy in bed plays on his ipad.  "I don't know what else we can do. He won't look up from the screen!"

No recipe, an untested oven, substituted ingredients, and yet, te's wonderful!

"Don't feed them!  It makes them dependent!"

Mother Sock to Father Sock: "It looked like a good idea in the magazine!"  Sock children wailing at the sight of socks filled with treats are nailed to the mantelpiece.

"Welcome to the ladies' knitting app circle!"

a lone child looks at a street sign in the middle of nowhere, which reads "HOW?"

"Hi, I'll be your professor for Self-Esteem 101." said the worried little milquetoast.

Squashed irritated bird says to dinosaur sitting on it, "I think you just invented Monday."

Woman cleaner to man salon owner: "Sure, i can clean your salon.  I charge $55 an hour for men, $25 for women."

"Can someone take over here? I have to go to a parent-teacher conference."

hotdog vendor asks mushroom seller if she is worried about poisoning her customers.

young woman wearing pinstriped bikini is in trouble with Human Resources
But it's a Business Bikini!

Old-fashioned beauty parlor offers ankle waxing, or "bloomer wax"
Bloomer Wax 4 Pence

.everyone takes a selfie!
Presurgery Procedure

He only dances to the Dubliners
Irish Set Dancers

Nice Jump, Sergei.  - Ballet 

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