Saturday, July 07, 2018

Why can’t I post cartoons from my iPad?

I have a device for drawing, let’s call it the remarkable tablet. Because that’s its actual brand name. I draw on the tablet. The ermarkable emails the drawing to me.  Then I am unable to get the image into blogger (here). I just spent nearly an hour of frustrating time trying everything I could. 

Dropbox (won’t share with blogger) 
Google Drive (won’t let me load from email)
Photos (not an option for uploading to Blogger)
URL. no way to get a url on a shared photo. 

And while I’m at it, what the heck is it with this photostream sharing? I have a photo I just want to save to my photo album, but it makes me share it to a photostream and invite people to it. I don’t want to invite anyone, I want to have the photo available to use! In  my blog! )

No, blogger won’t let me upload from photos. I go online and find advice that I should “use the desktop site” on m iPad. What the heck? And it’s only available for chrome. Which isn’t in my iPad. So now I have go and install yet another app?
Another site says to use the blogger app. Very easy upload from photos in “one touch”. Great! I go online to the App Store. There is no official blogspot app. But there’s one that looks sort of right, but there are only four reviews. One good and the other three basically saying its a fraud/scam that jacks up our data.

All this just to put a simple cartoon on my blog? I’m tired of this digital flailing around, so here are some pictures of my cats. That makes me feel good at least.