Monday, August 13, 2007

The Davis Factory
The Davis Factory and Showroom

This is a late (oh yeah) father's day present for the man who loves the Davis 3-wheeler. Here's his website to the real deal: Davis Registry

We want your input!!! Click the pic for a bigger version. The factory/showroom has a cafe where some people are talking. What are they saying? Post your ideas here, please. I've been working on this picture for so long I'd probably have them saying "150 dpi or vectorized?" and "Help Help! I'm stuck in a car factory and I can't get out!"


Friday, August 03, 2007

Contrasaurus Rex

All i want to do is dance, dance, dance!!!

dear readers: i lost my Book. it's the book containing my works in progress. it's a sky-blue 3-ring binder containing about 3 months' worth of work. i had finished 3-4 illustrations, ones i was quite proud of. due to an overload of work i had been unable to scan and color them, and had been carrying them around for some time. and then i lost them. among the completed drawings was "henry james' bathroom" showing someone having a bubble bath in a room with a view, and lots of books. also, "the bra factory" which was inspired by a colleague's move into a renovated bra factory in boston's industrial district. i give these descriptions in the irrational hope that some day someone will find my book - and to justify posting an old picture here. i chose this one because it cheers me up.