Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Green Park: Post Office Square in Boston

At a time like this, when all is ice and snow, I like to remember the warm green of Post Office Park and all the um...people....taking their lunch break outside.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Red Sox Family
I'd like to offer this to Illustration Friday's team for the subject of "stitch." I'm never entirely comfortable using an "old" illo that perfectly suits the theme, so you'd think I'd be happy to use this one which is so fresh it's not even quite done. I did it yesterday for a client, and until I had to do a Red Sox shirt, i never noticed that there is a baseball behind the socks. Those it's a fairly literal interpretation of the theme. What can I say. Happy Drawing, Everyone!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Genevieve Shapiro | sixoneseven-970-0133 | i n f o @genevievecartoons dot com|

So I went egosurfing to see how my PR department is doing, and I found a lot of really talented Genevieves out there in webworld. One's a ballet dancer, one is a surfer-model , one has a truly kickass hairdo. When I grow up I want to have their talents. But the one Genevieve I REALLY took a shine to, was this one. What the world needs now is naps, sweet naps.
So I'm revamping my art image/business. Genevieve et BhindiI had a meeting with my web designer (me) and my PR campaign manager (me) and we are gradually overhauling the website. My business manager (me) thinks we need to make the "business side" of the site more prominent, which means developing better payment options. My paypal representative (me) suggested we put "donate" buttons on the site so that the varaible costs of custom artwork can all be resolved with a single payment, instead of lots of specifically tailored buttons (one mug, $15.25, one Tshirt $24.99, one card $2.99, one photo retouch, $18.99). We all agreed to try that out. Then I talked to my photographer (me) about getting some new photos of me and my "merchandise" but she said we'd have to have a Photoshop expert (me) prep them for the web. I had to cut short the teleconference, because my sales rep (me) told me we were out of business cards and could I have the printer (me) make some more. My chef (me) catered a working lunch, while my secretary (me) took care of mail and banking stuff, and as for me? Well I have to get to work on a commission that just came in. Looks like I'm the only one left to do it.

And because you probably need a hug, here's one from me. ****

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lemon Drop in Full Color!

This picture began with the phrase "Lemon Drop" - which here means someone borrowing a lemon from a neighbor. Can you find the lemon, the lemonade pitcher, and the lemon-lender? Every flying, floating and dropping object in this picture has a source - can you find out the point of origin for the bubbles, vegetables, leaves and musical notes?

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Life of A Paper Towel: A Two-Part Tragedy

Greenwashing: the corporate trend towards self-proclaimed ecofriendliness. Frequently misleading.
When you pay extra money for "recycled" stuff, look for 2 things:
1) go for "post-consumer recycled content"
2) beware that the product doesn't have to be 100% recycled to claim it's a "recycled product."

If you want 100% recycled towels, use real towels and wash them!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008 from my keyboard to yours!

Gentoons is getting a spicy boost this year, as I am now working full-time as a freelance artist. My day job was so pesky, it kept getting in the way of my real life, so finally I let it go.

Look here this year for the rest of May's Halloween adventure (candy's still ok, don't worry), which was suspended during my "Help-I-Have-Two-Jobs" Phase. Look here also for more big "where's waldo?"-style illustrations, visual puzzles, and the odd graphic novel. Will there be another sack-based adventure this year? Will Space Kitty finally take another trip? Stay tuned.

I hope that when you visit this site, you will find comfort and smiles, and return to the real world refreshed and recolored. Thanks for visiting, and best wishes.

Hugs, Genevieve