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Goats at play

Part of the Valentine's Day card series now on sale at the Bean and Leaf in Boston.

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Ok, here's the whole series in one post. "Conclave of Corpses," or "The Monk of Horror" by Anonymous. In a monastery high in the Piedmonts, a brotherhood of monks lives their peaceful existence....until one night:

The monk awakens in the night. What has he heard?
The Monk Is Drawn to the Old ChurchThe monk stumbles down the old stone stairs into the crypt.

He is confronted by the fearsome triumvirate...

Which sits guard over the bodies of all the monks from ages gone by. A rift in the floor opens up, skeletons and mouldering corpses clamber out, shrieking their unending death agonies. (anyone for a nice kitty cartoon now?)
The monk awakens the next morning in front of the church, and behaves himself the rest of his life. The end.
Storyboard: The Monk Hears Something

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Conclave of Corpses (Storyboard): Monks Proceeding along the Colonnade

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Storyboard: Conclave of Corpses
City Cartoons are being brewed as we speak, and in the meantime here are some samples of storyboard work I have been doing. They're not funny, but they are, in the historical definition, cartoons, and this site is, after all, Daily Cartoons from Bostonland. So....a cartoon or two about corpses, coming up.