Saturday, July 07, 2018

Why can’t I post cartoons from my iPad?

I have a device for drawing, let’s call it the remarkable tablet. Because that’s its actual brand name. I draw on the tablet. The ermarkable emails the drawing to me.  Then I am unable to get the image into blogger (here). I just spent nearly an hour of frustrating time trying everything I could. 

Dropbox (won’t share with blogger) 
Google Drive (won’t let me load from email)
Photos (not an option for uploading to Blogger)
URL. no way to get a url on a shared photo. 

And while I’m at it, what the heck is it with this photostream sharing? I have a photo I just want to save to my photo album, but it makes me share it to a photostream and invite people to it. I don’t want to invite anyone, I want to have the photo available to use! In  my blog! )

No, blogger won’t let me upload from photos. I go online and find advice that I should “use the desktop site” on m iPad. What the heck? And it’s only available for chrome. Which isn’t in my iPad. So now I have go and install yet another app?
Another site says to use the blogger app. Very easy upload from photos in “one touch”. Great! I go online to the App Store. There is no official blogspot app. But there’s one that looks sort of right, but there are only four reviews. One good and the other three basically saying its a fraud/scam that jacks up our data.

All this just to put a simple cartoon on my blog? I’m tired of this digital flailing around, so here are some pictures of my cats. That makes me feel good at least.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Trolls et Bestioles 2018 - The WInter Troll is Coming

The Musee d'Art Fantastique is ramping up once again for the tenth annual Trolls and Creepy-crawlies exhibit, and Gentoons will be there! Last year while doodling on my iPad on the train, I created Ghent Troll -- he not only was selected for the exhibition, he won a prize!  This year, I got a picture of one of his siblings visiting the Brussels town hall at Christmastime, and that one will be on exhibit all through May.

the MAF is a great place to see pickled mermaids and dried dragons, robots, bugs, gnomes, and non-approved scientific experimen
ts. Be sure to drop by if you are in Brussels.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Anthology 2: Brussels Writers Circle

Besides cartooning, I also write for fun. This year will see the release of the third anthology in which one of my stories has been published.  (2017 Through a Scanner Farkly has my short horror story called Stinky Tofu, and 2016 Heart of Farkness has my comedy piece Chez Brian)

Due out in October, The Circle: A Brussels Anthology will carry my comedy piece Santa's Bells.  If you're in Brussels in November, drop by the launch party! 


The Circle, edited by Patrick ten Brink, including
works by Andreas Bergsten, Jeanie Keogh, various
ISBN: 978-1-941861-70-7
Harvard Square Editions
Release date: October 14, 2018
358 pages, Trade Paperback €15.88, E-book €8.47
Available through Gardners, Bertram Books, Ingram,
Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Waterstones, Amazon,
Bokus, Ad Libris, and bookstores everywhere

Launch Party 22 November, 19H Waterstone’s
Adolphe Max 71-75, 1000 Brussels

An anthology of writing from Brussels

BRUSSELS, April 2, 2018—The Circle, A Brussels Anthology invites readers into a
world refracted in its prism of thirty-four polished surfaces. A textual gem cut in the technocratic
diamond district, it emits multifarious literature through its many faces, approaching a perfect
circle with each new facet. Some reflect the wistful melancholy of the Brussels drizzle, some tear open the sky with a bolt of genius that will have you groping for your sunglasses.

A brain drain of emerging and prize-winning authors, itinerant and settled, shares and sharpens its
largely expat outpourings of human love and beastly bombings, reassuring community and
bewildering exile. The private explodes in public, the petty corrupts the grand, the funny elbows the
dire—in the heart of the old world, lives and stories converge and drift apart.

This collection portrays our troubled and exciting times through short story, poem, script and
novel excerpt of both seasoned pros and promising hacks. Whether brutally marooned on the damp
flatlands, or cosily embedded in red-brick ale houses, their dreams and nightmares shine from this
beloved, accursed, ramshackle Europe of ours. Come inside.

"This stunning anthology will not only appeal to those familiar with Brussels incognito,
but also to those with an appreciation for divine inspiration, as international writers
engage with a capital city and its unique way of life." —Brussels Express