Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Noble Failure: the first sixteen pages

This story was born on January 2, 2021, during a 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge

Described by one of the originators as an exercise in masochism, it also gleams with high-minded purpose, and thus has been also called the Noble Failure - to fail to meet a nearly impossible goal is not truly to fail. it's to try, to strive, and to grow.  so i stole the phrase for the title of my book. Stealing is one way to achieve a goal, after all.

Hosted by Comicaze and Toonsup, we spent 24 hours together online - mostly on Discord - conceiving stories, sketching, drawing, coloring, sharing progress,  encouraging one another, eating, drinking, yawning, and faceplanting on our keyboards. No one managed to complete a full 24-page comic book.  One participant finished a completed colored 16-page comic*.  Most of us didn't finish anything.  I created 6 fully colored pages, and am now pursuing the "Eastman Variation"  - finishing what I began even though the 24 hours are past.  

*is it any coincidence that he ate nothing during the 24 hours, slept not at all, and survived on coffee, cigarettes, and whiskey? 

"The Noble Failure"  begins on page 24 and counts down...

Pages 24-17

pages 16-9: