Saturday, March 03, 2018

Daphne's Grandpa

Do you ever decide to watch a movie based on the "More like this" suggestions in Netflix? Do you ever discover an exciting new author in the "more like this" section of your local library's electronic catalogue? Presumably those suggestions have something  in common with the initial selection you made and maybe even offer a commentary of sorts on the initial item.

The same arrangement happens in  Below each cartoon is a collection of other cartoons by the same artist, and below that is a collection of "More Similar Cartoons."  What does it say about my cartoon, that the "more similars"are 180 years old?  These are all by George Du Maurier, a cartoonist for Punch magazine.  It's rather an honor, and an amusing one at that.

(Bonus: George was the grandfather of Daphne Du Maurier, who wrote about birds attacking humans, and about animals running a hospital for humans. hm... i think i see a trend here)
 a visual showing how matches up 180-year-old cartoons with my cartoons today 

For reference, here is a fine drawing by Mr. Du Maurier: Nincompoopiana.