Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Gentoon Process

Cartoons start with the germ of an idea: the guy next to me on the train who keeps sneezing, coughing, picking his nose. The two women talking about their wee genius toddlers and all the classes and skills they have. Someone on the cellphone describing all the food served at a recent meeting.

I always carry a three-ring binder with paper in it. dozens of sheet protectors which hold "good paper, "Scrap paper," "ideas," and actual work in various stages of completion.

Grab the scrap paper and your pencil and QUICK! Write something down! Mine look like this at this stage.

i designed a blank panel sheet to draw my cartoons on. sigh, no, I don't have a wacom tablet. did you hear that santa?!! (shakes fist at north pole).

i print one of these up and draw right on it. The highly-recommended 10x15 bristol paper is too big for my scanner, so as long as i'm a cottage industry, i'll do it this way.