Saturday, March 20, 2021

Equinox 2021: A perfectly balanced coffee

Sr. Banana is running the cafe from a small service window in the wall. Standing on the sidewalk outside is his customer, Earl, the English Bulldog.  Sr. Banana is wearing a surgical facemask.  Earl is wearing a plastic face shield.  Sr. Banana says: May i take your order?  Earl reads the sign on the wall which reads: Ask about our Equinox Special!  Earl asks.  Sr Banana says:  One perfectly balanaced coffee.  Earl says: balanced with what?  Banana holds out a gorgeous chocolate and whipped cream layer cake covered in chocolate frosting with a cherry on top.  Earl smiles and says:  I'll take two.

 Happy Equinox, on the day of terrestrial balance, may you find balance in life as well.