Saturday, February 21, 2009

Silver, Book 1: Felicity the Freak

Silver:  A Tale to Tell.  Cover Page

Slver: Page one: In which we see a tiny mountainside town and an ice-cream seller on a bicycle

Silver: page 2: In which we meet Miss Cranberry, who is about to learn something about herself

Silver Page 3: in which Miss Cranberry enters the Lakshmi cafe, and sees amazing statues and a jungle painting.  The cafe is dimly lit, and suddenly a dark figure appears in a doorway, laughing.

The Solenodon (doing the shopping in frame 1) is a rare venomous mammal, now on the edge of extinction. See the link for interesting notes on nipples. The critically endangered Pygmy Hog (humming cheerily) is the sole representative of Porcula,and there are only about 150 of them left in the world.


The Slow Loris is an endangered primate which stores poison inside its elbows. The mother will suck up this toxin and lick it onto her babies to protect them from predators. Learn why their eyes are so dangerous by clicking here.. Can you find the Loris on this page?
the last page of Book 1, in which we are about to meet Felix Cranberry, Feliticy's dad.