Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I went to see the Dynamic Duo at the Emerald Isle in Dorchester on Sunday. It was an extremely fun evening. I think it's hysterical that the smiling Arts mask is upside down. Is it a tragedy? The drinks were great - cheers, Paul! Thanks for the garlic bread too! Chris Tabb (that's him there, more photos coming when i'm not on my way to work or sleep) and Corey Manning hosted several comics, and I thought they did an outstanding job, especially considering the audience (it had me in it). They're quick thinkers - or maybe they just have fast mouths. I'd like to write more about it, but I'm not a good writer, so i'll just put up some more photos later, and suggest that YOU go see them. I think they'll be in Providence in a couple weeks. I know I'll see them again.