Friday, July 21, 2006

Sfat Before

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This week, Illustration Friday's topic is "opposites." I wasn't going to participate, since I didn't have a good illustration, and I have only recently returned from a rather long trip. While I was gone, the re-escalation of conflict began along the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. I am heartsick. I have family members who spent the last week in and out of the bomb shelter, and have now been forced to leave their homes, their towns. I guess they're the lucky ones for people living in that area. One of the first pieces of news I heard was that Sfat, the small "city of mystics" in the hills, had been bombed and evacuated. I have a photo of the cheese factory there. People who make ceramic lived there. People who hand-press pomegranate juice lived there. I drew a picture there.... so, in the hopes that soon Sfat - and the entire region - will again find its way out of war, I offer my drawing of the opposite: a peaceful town.